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Our experienced plumbers will design a maintenance program according to the needs of each customer. Proper scheduling will minimize the risk of system failures, preventing inconvenient and costly back-ups.


We'll keep your septic systems and grease traps running strong for years at a time! All it takes is one call.

Don't put up with companies that just skim the top!

We understand that plumbing problems occur unexpectedly at the worst possible times. RotorPro Sewer & Drain Service is prepared to handle your problem in a fast, clean, and efficient manner.

Our plumbing staff and service technicians do the job properly every time. RotorPro completely pumps, empties, and cleans your septic tanks and grease traps. We don't take shortcuts, so we eliminate odors and maintain proper drainage to your system.

Safe and legal disposal

We provide disposal at a licensed facility of all liquid, solid, and grease tank wastes. Our team of plumbers and cesspool professionals maintain proper transport manifests and follow all federal, state, and local regulations.


Emergency service is available for:

- Septic, cesspool, and grease services

- Drain cleaning services

- Plumbing repairs and replacing

Maintenance programs available

Avoid total system failure!

Licensed and Insured

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Providing  Professional Cesspool, Drain Cleaning and

Plumbing Service to Long Island for Over 40 Years.

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